Monday, February 14, 2011

joy of love - kiss


This is one of my favorite pictures of me and my husband.  I didn’t copyright it, it’s obviously not a picture I even took.  And I’m not sure if my husband took it or my BFF.  Either way, I love this picture.  It was on our trip to Vegas on our last night there, and one of the most fun nights E-V-E-R!!  I love how this picture shows the pure joy on our faces of just getting to enjoy adult time for a few days.  Anyway, I wanted to share this as my "kiss” picture because it was so real and just down right lovable!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Joy of love - routine


Every Monday and Thursday we concentrate on getting the weeks worth of homework done.  This is like pulling teeth in my house.  Like pulling teeth from a tiger.  From a tiger who is hungry.  And all I can think is, “I can’t fight this for 12 more years”.  I hope some day he learns that it is just part of life.  For now though, he is all boy and the outdoors is always calling to him to come and play. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

the eyes


My boy has amazing blue eyes.  I remember when he was an infant and hoping desperately that they would not change.  I have brown eyes so I knew it was probable that he would have brown eyes, but as he got older and his eyes stayed blue, I was so pleased.  He has his grand-fathers eyes.  We lost my father-in-law several years before Grey was born, so it has been wonderful to see those loving eyes again!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

hobbies and passions

Around Christmas, Billy got an iPad.  He and the kids have really enjoyed being able to play together.  The kids anxiously wait till he gets home so they can all play a few minutes before bed.  The current favorites are Angry Birds and Cut The Rope.  I love watching and listening to them as they plot out how to win each level!  So funny to listen to!  But, perfect activity for these cold nights we are having!


While I was taking this picture, Grey’s faithful dog Lily had to be right with the family!  She is such a sweetheart and we really love having her!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

gift from the heart

Billy is not a huge Valentines guy.  He kinda falls into the “i’m-not-gonna-support-a-made-up-hallmark-holiday” category most years.  This year he has been leaving me little treats every morning since Feb 1st.  I’ve really enjoyed these past few days of seeing a special note and treat each morning as I head out to start my day.  It makes my days just a little brighter!


Monday, February 7, 2011

Who they love


Ever since Grey found out he was going to be a big brother, he has taken his role of “big brother” very seriously.  He was adamant that he would have a baby sister (and thankfully that worked out!), but he did want to name her Rojo.  Which we nixed.  Quickly.  Grey is such a fantastic big brother and Ella loves him so much!  I am so proud of both of them and love their relationship!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

love to hate

Temper tantrums.  Now I know that Ella’s spicy, stubborn, willful attitude will serve her well in years to come, but right now, it seems like they will never end!  I’m not complaining because I absolutely believe that her strong independence will always be an asset, but seriously…WOW!!!  Anyway, here is today's picture…LOVE TO HATE: Temper Tantrums

IMG_9376 copy

Friday, February 4, 2011

what they wear

Today is a big day in our house.  Ella is wearing a pull up for the first time.  She isn’t too sure about it yet, but hopefully we won’t be in these too terribly long anyway!!  So far she really LOVES the independence they allow.  Like how she can just take them off and put on a new one any time she wants.  And, so far, Mommy is NOT LOVING finding pull ups all over the house!  Ugh.  Hopefully we move past this phase quick!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

now and then

Today’s photo assignment was “Now and Then”.  Last year we got our puppy Lily.  A few days later we had a freak snow storm since we rarely get snow in Texas and I snapped this fun pic of Lily playing in the snow.  This year, almost exactly one year later, we have another snow storm!  So I wanted to show how much Lily has grown over the past year.  She means a lot to our little family, and we sure love having her.  This summer we lost our beloved Java, whom we had for 13 years.  While Lily can’t replace Java, she has filled a hole in our hearts that Java left.  lily2010


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

how they look

Yesterday and today we have had major ice here in the DFW metroplex.  Grey has been home from school, I have been home from work, and we’ve had a really nice, relaxing few days.  Today’s photo assignment was how they look.  Grey adores his footed jammies.  It’s become a bit of a struggle to actually find him jams since most big boy pajamas are two pieces.  So, every Christmas, Target has footed pajamas and I have to stock up for the entire year.  I wanted to document Grey just getting to be himself.  No timeline, no rushing around, just being able to stay in his jammies all day long and play with legos.  This EXACTLY captures my son and his personality right now.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

what they do

For the month of February, I am joining Willette Photography in a photography workshop entitled The Joy of Love.  Each day we are encouraged to document our loved ones by a theme.  Today's theme is “What They Do”.  I decided to document Ella today, my youngest, because she is growing and changing so fast.  I want to be able to remember how happy and fun she is at 2 yrs old.  Ella is a dancer.  She hears music and her body just can not be still!  I love watching her boogie and get down!  She also loves to jump.  I bet one hundred times a day (at least) I hear “momma, i jumpin” from her.  So today I captured a fun picture of her doing one of her favorite things…She Jumps!


Later that night, after all the toys were put up, bathes were done, jammies were on, it was bed time.  Ella and her Daddy have a special bond.  I wanted to capture one more shot of him putting her to bed.  I just love how much they adore each other.

IMG_8970 copy_edited-1